Church of Saint John Lector Mass Procedures   October 2012


Lectors are asked to check in at the Sacristy at least 10 minutes before the beginning of Mass.  …Inquire whether Deacon will be celebrating and Carrying in the Gospel Book and Reading the General Intercessions. 

If Not…lector should review the General Intercessions and Readings in the lectionary and then place the lectionary out at the Ambo…see that the General Intercession are in place, adjust the microphone and return to the Sacristy and get the Book of the Gospels.


When all ministers are ready for Mass….Presider will lead them in a short prayer and all go the entrance of the Church.


Once Ministers and Presider are ready…Presider signals Cantor to begin…with Welcome and invites congregation to join in Opening Hymn.


Processional: The Processional should be a free flowing movement from the Entrance of the Church to the Place where each of the Ministers will be seated….. Flowing from the Entrance to the Altar with an appropriate reverence before entering the Sanctuary…When carrying the book of the Gospels, the Lector should pause, bow their head, and then proceed forward)


The Order of the Processional:   The Cross bearer,  two acolytes with processional candles,  Lector, Deacon Presider.   The Lector carries in the Book of the Gospels, unless there is a deacon…then Lector may walk in procession behind the Servers) 

Process down front….Servers reverence and go place cross and candles and go to their chairs…Lector reverences…places Book of the Gospels on center of the Altar and goes to their place.  PRESIDER reverences (genuflection at steps,  goes and reverences altar, and then goes to presiders chair.


After the Opening Prayer and all have been seated…


Lector comes forward to the Ambo for 1st reading.  (If seated in the Sanctuary, a simple bow of the head in reverence of the Altar would be appropriate, before stepping over to the ambo.  (If seated in the congregation, the lector goes to foot of altar, reverences with a bow, and then up to the Ambo  and proclaims the reading. The Lector will step back if the Cantor is singing the psalm or else proceeds to proclaim the Responsorial Psalm and then the Second Reading.  After the Second Reading, the Lector places the lectionary on the self of the Ambo and then returns to their chair or pew.  If returning to the pew, the Lector should go down to the foot of the altar, bow and then to their pew.  The Lector should never leave by way of the Sacristy….


After the Homily, the presider returns to his Chair and leads in the Creed and introduces the General Intercessions….The lector comes forward from pew or from chair, with the appropriate reverence….retrieves the Prayers of the Faithful and goes to Ambo, ready to read the General Intercessions… (If a Deacon is present….the Deacon will read the Intercessions and not the Lector.)  Once the presider has concluded the General Intercessions with a prayer…the Lector returns the Book of Intercession to the stand and returns to their place.


There is no need to the Lector to process out at the end of Mass.


We ask that all Lectors prepare for Proclaiming God’s Holy Word by reading through the readings before arriving at Mass.  A Lectors workbook is provided for each lector to help them, with pronunciations and the proclamation of the Word.


Lectors are responsible for getting their own substitute if they are not able to cover the scheduled mass.


We appreciate your ministry and hope that you continue to Minister here at St. John’s.