Mass Schedule

Dear Members of St. Gertrudeís, St. Johnís, St. Philipís Parish Administrative Councils, 

Our Parishes Staff met together on Tuesday, July 31st in which we worked on several different items pertaining to our parish ministries. It was a very productive 6 hour meeting. We put together a calendar of events for each of our parishes, discussed and reviewed the use of our Parishesí Census Program, scheduled future staff meetings, and reviewed policy and procedures for producing our Area Parish Bulletin among other things.  

One of the major discussions was our Area Parishes Mass Schedule. As you know we had to change the Mass schedule in each of our parishes in February due to Fr. Pearsonís health and leave of absence. We have discussed at our Parish Administrative Council Meetings the need to review and change the Mass Schedule once we had a new full-time priest assisting in the Area. Now that Fr. Devorak is onboard as our Area Associate Pastor, we are ready to change our schedule. After much deliberation and discussion, looking at each of our Parishes needs, diversity, demographics, as well as what is practical for 2 priests to cover, we came up with the following schedule. 

The schedule includes the Church of Our Lady of Manannah as well as our three parishes, with the knowledge that at some point in the future the Masses there will need to be covered by the 2 priest here. Our Proposed Mass Schedule is as follows:

Saturday Evening Masses 

Church of Our Lady

Church of St Gertrude

Church of St. John

Church of St. Philip

4:00pm or 8:00pm

No Mass



*On of these Masses will be eliminated in the future


This is a Change


 Sunday Morning Masses: 

Our Lady

Church of St Gertrude

St. John

St. Philip




7:45am & 10:30am & (12:00pm Spanish

*This is a change

*This is a Change

*This is a change

*This is a change

The schedule calls for One Priest to say 4 Masses: 1 Saturday Night and 3 Masses on Sunday in addition to the 2nd Priest saying 5 Masses: 2 Saturday night and 3 on Sunday.

As I mentioned earlier, we discussed other options, like 7:30am Mass, 7:45am Mass, and 10:45am Mass times, but these seemed either too early or too late for most parishioners in our parishes. Keeping in mind that our goal is to provide service to all members of our Parish Community. The Plan also recognized that the Church of St. Philip is the largest of all 4 parishes and is central to all 4 parishes, thus the second mass was placed at this location to accommodate those who may prefer or need to go to mass outside of their own parish.

This Revised Mass Schedule would take effect, the Weekend after Labor Day, September 8th & 9th. Each of our Parishes have a Parish Administrative Council Meeting Scheduled for the Third Week of August. Prior to that meeting I would ask you to let me know what you think of this proposed plan. You may email me or call me. Please feel free to discuss this with your fellow parishioners.

Thank You for your continued service to our Parishes.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Joseph A Steinbeisser