Our Lady, St. Gertrude, St. Philip and St. John Catholic Churches.


Dear New Parishioners:

If you are new to the area or looking for a Catholic faith community to call home you are invited to register below at one of four Catholic Churches in the Shepherd of Souls Area Faith Community (AFC). 

While for the most part your lived experience will be as a parishioner of a particular community of faithful who assemble for the weekend and daily Masses, by registering at any of our four parishes you are also formally connected to all the parishes in our AFC and the entire world-wide Catholic Church.

By registering at a parish, families "get on the radar" so to speak of the parish office and will receive any annual letters that go out to all parishioners. Your family may receive notices about upcoming events for men, women and children. Entire families may be registered. Non-Catholic spouses or children need not formally join the Catholic faith to be registered. If God puts it in your heart join the sacramental life of the Roman Catholic faith we at Our Lady, Saint Gertrude's, Saint John's and Saint Philip's can help with that process. However we will always respect your conscience.

We at Our Lady, St. Gertrude's, St. John's and St. Philip's are not perfect Christians and we don't expect perfection from new members. We strive to be the concrete, real and recognizable presence of Christ in our corner of the world. Our hope is by intentionally and publicly striving to be a community where the Holy Spirit is active in our souls, relationships and worship, we will hear on the day of judgment "welcome into my kingdom good and faithful servants!"


 The parish community our family would like to register with is:

St. Gertrude's St. John's St. Philip's   Our Lady


 Family Name, phone, street address.                           

Mailing address if different from street address


  Names: First, Middle, (Maiden) & Last        Birthday & Birth City

Baptism year

and location



1st Communion

year & location


year & location




Date of Marriage; Church of Marriage; City of Marriage; State of Marriage:

Married by  A Priest  A Justice of the Peace  Minister   not married at this time

Previous Marriage for Husband No  Yes

Previous Marriage for wife? No  Yes

If previously Married has current marriage been validated in the Catholic Church?  No  Yes

Other family information not listed on this form such as second phone numbers, e-mail address, elderly parents living in the home or any questions you have.


I  (we) would like to volunteer the following skills/in the following ministries  (Eucharistic ministers, readers, ushers, visiting the homebound,

visiting people with special needs and serving on the liturgy committee).

E-mail address